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Course Descriptions

First-Year Required Courses

  1. 5103/5203 - Civil Procedure I/II

    (6 hours). Civil Procedure in state and federal courts; introductory survey of procedures by which questions of substantive law commonly are raised and determined; procedural and remedial background; law governing controversies in federal courts; details of procedure in a lawsuit, including forum selection, pleading, joinder of claims and parties, discovery, the pretrial conference, disposition without trial, trial before a judge or jury, post-trial motions and appeals; issue and claim preclusion.

  2. 5134 - Constitutional Law

    (4 hours). Selected issues, including: judicial review; the judicial process in construing and applying the United States Constitution; federal and state powers, federalism and separation of powers; an introduction to the concepts of equal protection and due process.

  3. 5114 - Contracts

    (4 hours). This first year survey course will explore the nature and enforceability of promises. Subjects include contract formation, performance, termination of contracts, material breach, remedies for breach of contract, mistake and excuse for nonperformance, statute of frauds, interpretation of contract language, conditions, assignment and delegation, and third party beneficiaries.

  4. 5223 - Criminal Law

    (3 hours). General principles of criminal responsibility and the elements of common law, statutory crimes, and defenses. Emphasis is placed on the subject of criminal intent.

  5. 5122/5202 - Legal Research, Writing & Advocacy I, II

    (4 hours). Instruction in the methods of legal research in various media integrated with legal writing and oral advocacy. Writings will include legal memoranda, briefs, motions, pleadings and other practice legal documents.

  6. 5234 - Property

    (4 hours). Introduction to basic property concepts, including: adverse possession; estates in land; landlord and tenant; concurrent estates; nonpossessory interests (including easements, licenses, covenants and equitable servitudes); and real estate transactions.

  7. 5133/5143 - Torts I/II

    (6 hours). Introduction to basic principles of civil liability, with study of selected issues, including intentional wrongs, negligence, strict liability, vicarious liability, defenses and immunities, comparative fault, assessment of damages, nuisance, products liability, misrepresentation, injuries to reputation, and alternative compensation systems.