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OU Students at Oxford

Native American Law Program

At the University of Oklahoma, Native American Programs are not stand-alone; they are integrated into the entire fabric of the educational experience of all students and coursework. All of our professors and the university are sensitive to our surroundings and the needs of the many cultures we support. For example:

  • CONSTITUTIONAL and PUBLIC LAW will factor in a respect for the tribal entities that are affected by the US Constitution as well as the separate constitutions of the Indian nations.
  • When we teach CONTRACTS and PROPERTY, we consider agreements and the historical perspectives of Native American land interests.
  • When ENVIROMENTAL and NATURAL RESOURCES law is studied, the impact of Native American rights must be a part of the curriculum.
  • Many of the tribes are very active in BUSINESS and COMMERCIAL law and become a component of the regular curriculum.

At OU Law, students will also find a strong curriculum devoted exclusively to Native American Law. There are currently a wide range of courses that focus primarily on Native American legal issues. Native American law is one of the major areas of emphasis at OU Law.