Edited by Professor Jonathan Barry Forman[*]


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The following papers on a variety of topics were prepared by the students in Professor Jon Formanís seminar on Law and Economic Justice, taught at the University of Oklahoma College of Law in the Fall semester of 2007.

The typical paper can be cited as in the following example:

Jeremy Leandrow Brown, Cashing Out Government Relief for Victims of Natural Disasters, Law and Economic Justice: A Compendium of Student Materials (Jonathan Barry Forman, ed., 2008), available at <>.


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Table of Contents

Cashing Out Government Relief for Victims of Natural Disasters (Jeremy Leandrow Brown)


Reducing Recidivism through Prison Education (Heather D. Burton)


Investing in Education:The Costs and Benefits of Statewide Funding for Education (Paul Crocker)


Minority Participations in the Legal Education System and Some Policy Recommendations (Gary Davis II)


Increasing Teacher Quality in Poor Schools (Vanessa Hicks)


The Role of the Federal Government in the Home Mortgage Market (Frank A. Hinton)


Fixing Oklahomaís Sales and Use Tax System (Geoffrey Long)


Abstinence Only Education:The Policy Behind a Sinking Ship (Olunfumike Owoso)


Education for Life:Expanding Vocational Education Opportunities for High School and Beyond (David Prentice)


How Can We Improve Access to Justice in the Criminal System? (Rebecca Richardson)


What the United States Can Learn from Singaporeís Health System (Allie Smith)

[*] Copyright 2008, Jonathan Barry Forman.Alfred P. Murrah Professor of Law, University of Oklahoma; B.A. 1973, Northwestern University; M.A. (Psychology) 1975, University of Iowa; J.D. 1978, University of Michigan; M.A. (Economics) 1983, George Washington University.Author of Making America Work (Urban Institute Press 2006) and Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System.