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Academic Awards

Every semester, the OU Law Administration publishes a list of students whose academic achievements deserve special recognition. The Academic Achievement Awards section contains archives of those lists, as described below.

Am-Jur Awards

This award is given to the top student by grade in each class and designated by the professor. Qualifying students may request a certificate for each of these honors.
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Dean's Honor Rolls

The Dean's Honor Roll includes all students who earn a grade point average of not less than a "B" (an 8.00 average on a 12.00 scale) and who are enrolled in at least twelve (12) credit hours, nine of which are letter-graded courses. Students in a dual degree program must earn a grade point average of 8.00 or better in at least nine hours of graded work in the College of Law and be enrolled in at least 12 credit hours. The required number of credit hours does not include courses the student is repeating or courses taken to eliminate a grade of "I." Students making the Dean's Honor Roll may request a certificate for each semester in which they qualify.
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First Week Assignments

Faculty members begin providing reading assignments for the first week of classes in a new semester up to two weeks before the semester begins. Those reading assignments can be found at First Week Assignments.

Course Materials

This section provides information, including the ISBN and suggested retail price, for the various books and supplements required for every class. This information can change often in the weeks before a new semester begins, so please refer to our Course Materials system often.